Half-Elf Ardent|BM


Race: Half-Elf
Class: Ardent|Battlemind

Personality Traits

Imposing, Accommodating, adaptable, charming, confident, gregarious, open-minded.


Very interested in exotic races and the emotional ranges of each race. Very cautious about information sharing.

Physical Appearance

6’2”, 170lbs. Age 26. Blond hair, green eyes.


     Of the Voleran Family, yet born a bastard, a son never planned. Defying all social norms his parents chose to fulfill their responsibility in raising him. His mother lived in a human city and his father in the wild with the elves. He spent years between his parents, living two different lives, each with a different name. His Elven Father called him Azariel and his human mother called him Raszex. Soon after reaching adulthood he set off on a journey to discover true family and friends – calling himself Azazex.

     He traveled from town to town seeking a place where he would belong all the while cultivating a large network of acquaintances, as much out of genuine friendliness as for practical purposes. He has rarely settled down for any length of time, but is able to quickly make himself at home wherever he ends up. Often times if he travels back to a city he has been to before he will be tracked down by old friends and renew old contracts. Often Azazex works as an informant due to his natural ability to communicate. Through his job of information gathering Azazex stumbled upon a man who taught him how to read minds to gain more information, but invading the private thoughts of others felt wrong and instead he chose to adapt his power to help those around him.

     Azazex loves to be around people, the more diverse the group the better. He is fascinated by any exotic races and tends to gravitate toward population centers often becoming distracted by exotic people. He likes to establish relationships with members of other races so that he can learn more about them, the way they live, and how they make their way in the world.

     As a member of the Voleran Family Azazex was sent to Negaia with a large army and a labor force in order to prepare the way for the rest of his family to come in 2 years. He settled a town called Dunsborough.

Has a Ring of Voleran.


The Arbiter and the Artificer Kryx