Eldasil is a Half-orc Ranger




AC-17 Fort-15 Ref-15 Will-11 Hp-28


There was a Human woman named Selena who lived in a small village. It was a peaceful village that rarely saw or heard the evils of the world. But one day a party of orcs raided this village. They killed everyone in it except for Selena who was raped by one of the orcs. She was about to be killed when an elf sprang from the woods surrounding the village and killed all of the orcs with his mastery of the bow and double sided sword. Selena was badly injured during the fighting, and the elf decided to take her in and care for her. His name was Daecrest. He was an elf of old who lived in the forest surrounding the village that Selena lived in. He was honorable and compassionate and always helped the weak. Selena had been living with Daecrest for a while when she realized that she had become pregnant. She was very disturbed and dismayed by this at first because she did not want to have a child that was created out of evil. But eventually, through much counseling with Daecrest, she decided to have the child, and turn something born from evil into good. When the time for the birth came, there were many complications, and despite Daecrest’s efforts, Selena died while giving birth. The child that was born was half-orc, but he looked almost exactly like a human infant. Daecrest, because of his good nature and because he had become good friends with Selena while she lived with him, had decided to take the child as his own, and raise him in the ways of the elves. He named him Eldasil which in elvish means “star that shines with silver light.” He raised him in the ways of the elves and taught him all the elves’ secretes in acrobatics, athletics, perception and stealth. He also taught him the secretes of nature; how it works and how to hear what nature has to say. He taught him to always help those in need, and to always do the right thing whenever possible. When Eldasil was growing up, he was always treated with disgust and hatred because he was part orc, even though most people couldn’t tell just by looking at him. Because of this, he spent most of his time with Daecrest learning and studying. He was also taught the ancient elven practice of fighting with the double-sided sword, in which he mastered the art. During this time, there was only one other, besides Daecrest, who treated him with respect and honor. Arawen, was a young elf from Daecrest’s family line who would often visit and stay with them at Darcrest’s home in the woods. She was Eldasil’s age, and they grew up together. Eldasil soon fell in love with her. She was his best friend, and her visits where the best memories that Eldasil ever had. On one of these occasions, Daecrest told Eldasil to go and hunt for them so they could have a nice dinner while Arawen was with them. While Eldasil was out in the forest, orcs attacked the secluded house. Daecrest and Arawen fought bravely, but could not fight off all of the attacking orcs for their numbers where too great. They were both killed. When Eldasil returned home, he beheld both of their bodies, and became enraged. He found the orcs tracks, hunted them down, and killed every last orc who had taken everything he loved. He then mourned them for a week straight, refusing to eat anything. After this horrible time, he vowed to wonder the land, helping those who are in need, and kill every orc he came across. He will forever hate that which is a part of him.


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