Race Human

Class Warlord

Level: 2

Stats Str- 18 (+5) Con- 12 (+2) Dex- 10 (+1) Int- 16 (+4) Wis- 8 (+0) Cha- 12 (+2)

Armor AC- 17 Fort- 17 Ref- 15 Will- 14

Skills Trained Arcana (9) Athletics (9) History (9) Endurance (6) Heal (5)


Legiriam was born into an upper class, political family. His father was a well achieved army General, who raised his son to be an unrivaled fighter, while he gave council to the governors of the land. His mother was the keeper of the towns books and scrolls. His town of Aigen was well known for their rich history and record keeping, until it was destroyed by a tribe of Shaman who wanted to erase the history of their shamed ancestors. Legiriam grew up reading a plethora of books, especially books regarding the history of towns, events, and battles. He was trained by his father to wield a sword and many other weapons including his favorite, the spear. At the age of 15, Legiriam was given the family heir loom “Greatspear” from his father. It is his last remaining memories of his father’s great legacy. Legiriam was also trained by a great Wizard named Ugomus. Ugomus taught Legiriam about the arcana in the world, and also how to be a very intelligent fighter. While his father gave him expertise with weapons, Ugomus gave him an understanding of combat and leadership. This combined to make Legiriam into a great and well respected leader among his fellow troops. However, when he was 20 years old, a large clan of Kobolds came in and killed many of Aigen’s fellow countrymen. Very soon after, the Shaman tribe decimated the town of Aigen, and Legiriam was left with no family, no friends, and only his greatspear and armor. He found himself alone and in search of purpose. Legiriam still seeks to bring justice to the Kobolds, and reveal the Yagirim tribe of Shaman for their evil shamefulness and deceit toward Aigen.

Legiriam’s Personality: Young, Strong, Intelligent, Adventurous, but Lacking a sense of experiential Wisdom. Not easily trusting, but a loyal friend, even to death. Noble, Caring, and a seeker of Justice. A strong Leader and Enabler for those allied around him. Quick to help his fellow man. Pessimistic towards most people, but still seeks to do go for them.

Legiriam’s Characteristics: Blonde, Blue Eyed, 21 years old, Strong and battle experienced. A body that has grown up in combat. 5’9” 155lbs.


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