Dragonborn Sorcerer


6’ 8” Deep red dragonborn


The House of Ya-El is a great family line from the Clan of Malkut Beit David. The family traces their proud heritage back to the beginnings of the great empire of Akhron, and the elders speak of our ties even before that to the glory of the Temple days built by the great patriarchs of the family. The family were the leaders of the great silver guard who guarded the Golden One, the anointed king over the empire. On countless ocassions the family was attributed to protecting the King from plots of betrayal. One occasion the great Abram son of Terah rescued the King’s son after he had been kidnapped when four of the rival nations rose up against the King. The first nation was Sodom, and the second was Gamorrah, both nations of Tieflings with great hatred against the dragonborn. They had also carried away all the gold in the treasury. When Abram heard what happened, he called to the men in his house and the rest of the men of the House of Ya-El to take up arms. The men of age in the family totaled 110 strong. Abram took his men and went to the kingdom of Admah where the King’s son was being held. The King of Admah, Kedorlaomer, came out against Abram and his men with his 200 men. Kedorlaomer lost 70 men in the battle before they surrendered, as Abram lost 3 men. Abram rescued the King’s Son and all the treasure of the Kingdom, restoring the honor of the Empire, and receiving a covenant from the King that the family will always have the honor in the Kingdom and that the Hose of Ya-El would be first in the Kingdom.

Dunamai showed great signs of potential early on in his development. He was a fighter at heart, as the ways of magic came easily to him. Unusual though it was, that his promise of magic was not the dragon magic which was common to most dragonborns, but instead he showed promise in cosmic magic. The ancient high king, the golden dragon David held mastery over all magic but was renowned for his cosmic magic.

When Dunamai had reached the age of 20, he embarked on the rite of passage that was custom for his family. He had to venture out in the neighboring lands for 14 days and fend for himself, seeking to rid the land of evil in some way. The honor you brought to the family was the greatness of the evil that you destroyed. Dunamai set out in the hill country of Akhron with great enthusiasm seeking to bring his family honor. The first few days of his sojourn passed without much to tell, only a few wolves, and a small drakeling to fend off. On the fourth day of the sojourn Dunamai found signs of a Tiefling Camp. Tieflings were strictly forbidden in the lands of Akhron, for good reason. Tieflings were great enemies of Akhron and often were the cause of many abductions in neighboring towns. Tiefling bandits would steal small children of great magical talent and sell them off to cults that would steal their magic and store it in magic holding gems. Then the children would be sold off as slaves.

Dunamai surveyed the camp and found multiple cages with dragonborn children. Dunamai dispatched the guards and released the children. Dunamai surveyed the camp more and found the bandits notes and papers, gathered them up along with the guards coin purse and loot. Dunamai brought the children back to their parents at the neighboring town. After that he studied the notes left behind by the bandits, finding that there was a large camp of children that had been stolen not only from the dragonborn towns, but also many other empires. All of these children had been taken to a hide out on the new world island, formely used for bandits. The island was rumored to be a safehaven from plagues that had been spreading amongst the aristocrats in certain empires. It seems that these tieflings had been supplying magically talented youth to aristocrats that had been moving to the island, so that they could steal the magic and grow more powerful. There was a single parchment in a language he didnt recognize, but he understood enough of it to understand there was more at work here than he knew. Dunamai returned home sharing his findings and received great praise for his work in rescuing the children. Dunamai recieved the family ring bearing the crest that was imbued to the family in the days of Abram in the covenant, which is recognized by everyone in the kingdom. Dunamai then donned on the cloak with his family crest on it and set off on his steed for the port to take him to the island.

Dunamai spent the last 19 years fighting the group that runs this magic slave trafficking. He has made progress, freeing dozens of children but never being able to stop the group. He has learned that it runs deeper than a simple criminal group. He has found evidence that links the group to officials in multiple empires including the tiefling empire, and officials of multiple settlements on the island.

Dunamai has made his home with a new group on the island that seeks to build settlements that are free from the corruption of the tradesman and the aristocrats. Dunamai has not heard from his family since the day he left home, he intends to put an end to this group and return home bringing honor to his family and to the King.


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