The Arbiter and the Artificer

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The Meeting

Session 1: Flames of Hot Hot Fire
Is it hot in here or is that building exploding?

Flames of Hot Fire The first encounter was a brief one. Five weary travelers, all made refuges, some looking for vengeance, some protection, others seeking answers to their current circumstance. The first to arrive upon the scene was the slow to trust dragonborn sorcerer, Yael, and the charismatic half elf ardent, Azazex. Their conversation was terse, tension was high as Yael readied his glowing orb of acid, seeking to know for sure whether this half elf was to be trusted. Their aggression towards each other was delayed by a common enemy, goblins. These green adversaries were slow to speak and quick to battle as they immediately attacked the both of them. Obviously there conversation could wait. As they fought, shifter monk, Flint, and ranger half orc, Eldisil, traveling companion natives neared the burning city by foot. They climbed the city walls to find goblins as well and these goblins lead them to Yael and Azazex. The four of them were able to easily dispatch the enemy goblins and it gave them time to rest and talk. As they were talking Flint’s keen eye sight spotted goblins moving a lifeless dwarf. Azazex, Eldisil, and Flint went after them while Yael rested bloodied by the recent encounter. The dwarf was obviously important to the goblins, but not enough to keep alive. As the party neared them, one goblin badly wounded the helpless dwarf as it accepted it’s own soon demise. Luckily Azazex was able to stabilize this very near dead fallen stranger with healing magic.

The group meet by the town well to assess the trustworthiness of one another. As they were talking another stranger approached. The fifth in this band of misfits, Legirium a battle ready warlord with a similar story to the rest. The dragonborn was quick to accuse him of being an enemy, skeptical of the town he had hailed from, but his non aggressive stature had convinced the rest of the party. The fire had engulfed the whole town wall at this point and buildings were exploding and collapsing everywhere around them. One building stood out among the rest though. A small but finely crafted wooden storage unit unmarred by the fire. What was inside? Is this what the goblins had come for? The group was bent on finding out. The wood would not break not matter the strength of the man. It would not splinter by any sword or axe, yet there was nothing magical about this wood. Eldisil disassembled the door hinges allowing Flint to reach in and remove the sword that was bracing the door shut. As soon as Flint grabbed the blade it erupted in flames dealing damage to himself and those around him. He tied a rope around the handle and safely put the sword in his bag. Peering inside the room it seemed uninteresting. It was full of noxious smelling barrels and nothing else of note besides a boot and a single mouse. The mouse seemed common place to Flint but it caught Eldisil’s eye as abnormal and uncannily important. As the two natives searched for the mouse Legirium began opening barrels the smell was so potent it began knocking out people out, forcing them to crawl out of the building. Flames were raging far greater now and it had become obvious that they must leave to find refuge in the forest. Still unsure of one another there travelers banded together for the night in hopes of protection against any more adversaries that may come in the night.

They next morning they returned to the rubbled town, to see that wooden shed still standing unscathed. Azazex, and Legirium searched again for this unusual mouse while Yael mocked them. Flint lost his patience and knocked the sorcerer’s big mouth on the ground. As they threatened each other some more it seemed clear that a fight was about to break out, it was stifled quickly by Eldisil’s quick wise tongue. The party went back to searching for this mouse as the now completely revived dwarf went rummaging through the rubble.

Session 2: Mice and Men
What would you do for a bunch of loot?

Of Mice and Men As the party continued looking for this mouse to no success they sent in Flint to search one last time and this time it was very different. As Flint walked in, he felt a sharp pain in his hands as a voice began to speak to him warning him not to make a scene. As he looked down at his hands he saw them covered in blood. Taken back by the experience he walked out of the shed looking down at his hands seeking writing in his scars. The inscription read, “He is coming – I must protect it. Do not provoke him – If he is suspicious my sacrifice will be in vain.” Clearly shook by the experience Flint tried to warn his party members of what just happened, but before he could the voice came again commanding him not to speak. Eldisil noticed Flints demeanor and lobbied with him that something was eerie about this place and that they should leave. The others were not convinced and decided to help the dwarf as he shuffled through the rubble for something of great value to him.

The party worked well into the night searching piles of fallen buildings. As the day grew darker Flint accepting his inability to sway the group took watch for danger. As the night came Flint warned the others of approaching light sources of caravans from the North and the East, and a single source of light swaying in its swagger from the South. As the party was warned they only sought to work quicker to find what this dwarf was looking for. Soon enough a great gust of wind came knocking Flint from his post. He saw a large beast fly over head towards the caravan to the North. As the beast breathed blue flame it became evident this was a very large dragon. Flint saw flaming arrows shot in defense. The shifter hurried to his companions screaming that they must leave but the dwarf was unswerving in his pursuit of this lost thing of value. Diplomatically defeated again Flint returned to his post to see the Dragon again this time battling with the Eastern Caravan as they fired upon it not with arrows but flashes of lighting.

The Unknown Dragon Shiver (Lord Kamsky)

As Flint approached the group again for a last plea he noticed some goblins moving towards the center of town and decided to follow them while remaining hidden.

What he saw was what appeared to be a meeting between a short goblin (obviously the leader) and his two larger henchmen, and a confident human with a parrot on his shoulder. The man asked who owned this beautiful city and as one of the henchmen spoke up he offered him two bags of gems for the claim to the town. Upon buying he suggested the goblin and his friends leave immediately since this man did not take kindly to trespassers. The goblins left right away and Flint watched as the sword by the man’s side began moving on its own outlining all of the buildings in the ground. The sword casted no shadow and resembled a resource that his native watchers of the lake would guard, produced only by the Leviathan that indwelt the famed lake. He also saw the parrot fetch the mouse from the shed as its master praised it for it’s great eyes. The man then called out to Flint nonchalantly. Flint approached him and the man began talking about the city as if it was a great banquet with high walls and towering buildings. He made himself known as Lord Iven. Shortly after he left with a warning to Flint and his group that He would enslave us and do far worse if we removed anything of his from newly purchased town. Then he disappeared to the South.

Confident Man from the South Lord Iven of the South

Short Goblin Leader Urgash

On his way back to tell the party all that transpired he was met by the three goblins. Looking for the dwarf, the short one, named Urgash, told Flint to tell them they’d be waiting. Upon hearing of their presence the dwarf was eager to engage them in battle and left the rubble immediately. after maneuvering out of the rubble the 3 goblins proved to be easily handled by the group. One of the henchmen was kept alive for questioning. He warned of his brother who would come after for him and was an expert tracker. [Did we kill him after that or keep him alive?] The party gathered there things and began to leave the town. Flint warned them of what Lord Iven had said and the group casted their spoils to the ground as they crossed the boundary drawn in the sand. All of them did except of course the dwarf, he had mentioned that Lord Iven would understand that he had removed this item from the land. As the others left the town the dwarf stayed back continuing his searching.

Session 3: Who Needs a Rest?
Who would have guessed a medium creature could swallow a medium creature?

Who Needs a Rest? We killed a bunch of toad people. Now we are sleeping in their house. It smells…


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