House Rules

Feat Taxes

Players will be given the following feats for free:

  • Versatile Expertise at level 5. New Expertise feats are allowed, but do not stack.
  • Improved Defense at 7.
  • Pre-Nerf Melee Training(pick a stat to add bonuses to atk/dmg for MBA) at 1 for any character with a melee at-will weapon power that is not str based.
  • Weapliment – fix somehow. see Also see
  • init – falls off by 6 if not dex pumped. 3 if dex pumped.
Flavor Feats

At certain levels feats that have no bearing on combat might be given out.
Examples would be Ritual Caster, Alchemist, any of the Skill Training or Skill Focus feats, the guild or tribe feats, and I’m sure others. Some combat oriented feats may be allowed if they are very minor and are for RP reasons.

House Rules

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